Run a Network of Sites and Build Your Website with WordPress


You should use Word Press to power your site because many other sites (mostly blogs and new sites) depend on the Word Press format to survive. Brands and companies like Ford, People Magazine, New York Time Blogs, PlayStation, and CNN all use Word Press. More and more of the Internet is being powered by Word Press because simply put, Internet sites look like blogs nowadays and wordpress is among the best blogging web development tools out there. Remember, some of the most popular sites—Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, and Facebook—depend on the blogging (or microblogging) platform of putting the latest updates first and letting archived updates flow down on the page as you keep on scrolling down the scroll bar.


It’s a Small Blogosphere After All!

* Although more websites are blogs, look like blogs, or incorporate blog-like formats when it comes to posting new content then immediately archiving it for later perusal by the most dedicated of your audience, Word Press has evolved in such a way that it doesn’t only cater to blogs. It has additional functions that also help other types of sites like landing pages, sales pages, or outright corporate webpages complete with affiliate links and an About Us page. Even main-page-centric static corporate sites will definitely benefit from a (we)blog and update bar complete with social media activities on the side.

* While Word Press was mostly associated as a blogger’s best friend in its early days, such that even now people think of blog entries and a moderated comment system when they hear the name, it’s not only limited to blogs. It has come a long way in evolving or developing its content management suite or CMS to the point that other site types have begun using this open-source format for the sake of a faster development cycle. Its CMS is mainly celebrated for its scalability and ease of updates. They’re almost like Lego blocks with the way you can stack data on them.

* Word Press CMS is arguably future-proofed with the way you can use the same engine for years and simply patch in updates or plug-ins for it to keep up with the latest web design trends. Indeed, classified ad sites, job boards, and business sites now mostly use Word Press, which is why millions and millions of sites on the web are now powered by the format. This should come as no shock since WP is free. Its CMS is so professionally done yet offered for no payment whatsoever that most SMBs and even major corporations readily avail of its services rather than pay a king’s ransom to develop their own custom CMS. No need to reinvent the wheel when it already exists!